2017 Calendar

Events for the Victoria MG Club

Date Time Event Location Contact Person
July 1, 2017 (Show Cars at 8:30 AM) (VMGC) Canada Day Gorge Road Picnic Show & Shine 410 Gorge Road West
July 9, 2017 11:00AM VMGC Brunch Oceanfront Grand Resort in Cowichan Bay, 1681 Cowichan Bay Road. Lots of free underground parking Malcolm Baster
July 10, 2017 7:15 PM General Meeting Salvation Army Citidel - 4030 Douglas Street
July 15, 2017 TBA Slalom Western Speedway Chris Meyer
July 16, 2017 TBA Invitation to the T-Bird Club Annual Car Show Enrico Winery - 3280 Telegraph Road Valerie Barrie
July 26, 2017 7:00 PM NOTM Ice Cream Run Valleyview Centre Intersection Trans Canada Highway and Cowichan Bay Road Malcolm Baster
August 10, 2017 1:00 PM Lunch at Carey Mews Tea Room Government House - 1401 Rockland Armande Morton
August 14, 2017 7:15 PM General Meeting Salvation Army Citidel - 4030 Douglas Street
August 26, 2017 TBA Slalom Western Speedway Chris Meyer
September 9, 2017 TBA Slalom Western Speedway Chris Meyer
September 11, 2017 7:15 PM Salvation Army Citidel - 4030 Douglas Street

Special Victoria MG Club Events

2017 Classic Car Field Meet (information forthcoming)

Events ... Contact Information

Valerie Barrie: Phone (250-474-4355) : E-Mail (ourbarriepatch@shaw.ca)

Malcolm Baster: Phone (250-743-1791) : E-Mail (viatormerlin@netscape.net)

Hugh Carroll: Phone (250-472-8497 : E-Mail (hcarroll@shaw.ca)

Chris Meyer (250-474-3275) : E-Mail (Christopher.Meyer@shaw.ca)

Armande Morton (250-598-5516 : E-Mail (al.morton@shaw.ca)

Dave Shepherd (250-598-1670 : E-Mail (david_shepherd@telus.net)

Randy Slade (250-896-1690) : E-Mail (rslade@triumphengineering.ca)

Phil Winterbottom (250-658-1105) : E:Mail (pwinterbottom@shaw.ca)

Milt Wright (250-642-3878) : E-Mail (milt.j.wright@gmail.com)

Events for Other Clubs

Date Event and Location Contact
April 22, 2017 MG Car Club Northwest Centre's 36th Tulip Rallye http://www.tuliprallye.org/
May 7, 2017 OECC Annual Restoration Fair - Sannich Heritage Acres Derrek Sparks (250-658-8614 or ds.mg@telus.net)
May 20, 2017 Van Dusen ABFM ... Vancouver, BC http://www.westerndriver.com/?page_id10371
June 16-18, 2017 BritsBest Classics 2017 - Radium Hot Springs, BC Calgary MG Car Club (http://calgarymgclub.org/britsbest.html)

Please note that these events are proposed and therefore are subject to change.

As more information is received, the calendars will be updated.

    The Victoria MG Club annual roster of activities includes the following examples:

Classic Car Field Meet ... the major club event of the year takes place in July and includes a show and shine (currently at Beaver Lake).

Driver Training ... an annual two day Spring Event in which driving skills and techniques are developed by means of a seminar and practice (on a driving course) of the lessons learned.

Grand Tours ... the Portland All British Field Meet attracts a significant group of motoring enthusiasts almost every year. Another event, the Laguna Seca trip to California, generates considerable interest and participation.

Ice Cream Runs ... during the summer months, on the Wednesday following the monthly meeting, a run, designed by a volunteer club member, takes place with an appropriate destination (local dispenser of ice cream).

Slaloms ... conducted at Western Speedway. This is a timed event in which only one car is allowed on the track during a 'run'. Three of the slaloms are followed by a barbecue at a member's home. The major slalom event of the year is the All British Slalom which takes place in June and is very popular with a the membership and invited guests.

Soupcon Run ... a tour of the countryside followed by lunch with a tasty collection of different soups with buns, cheese and dessert make this event a taste sensation!!

Annual Christmas Party Dinner ... non-perishable donations for the Food Bank will be accepted at the event.

New Year's Day Burn ... organized by a member to celebrate the new year with our British Cars (top down - weather permitting).

Valentines' Day Run ... organized by various club members, this event involves a tour over some of the more interesting roads of southern Vancouver Island, followed by 'treats'.

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