TC Owners Technical Tip

Octagon Newsletter June 1987

By Alan Fraser

If TC rear hub spines allow hypoid oil to leak down the spokes, it indicates either that you have too much hypoid oil in the differential (140 weight is recommended), your hub splines are worn and slack or you have a normal TC. If your rear hub does not weep down the spokes, this generally indicates that the differential casing is dry. This irritating cleaning problem generally manifests itself just before concours judging or the annual Motor Vehicle Branch inspection.

There is, however, a simple and effective way of alleviating this irritating mess. Simply wad a piece of absorbent material (men's large size, sans elastic recommended) into the hub before screwing up the knock-off cap. Unless the leak is excessive, the cloth never becomes soaked and you never again need suffer the embarrassment of oily spokes.

My TC has worn the same two Stanfield briefs these past ten ears with no ill side effects other than a tendency to fall apart during Federal election campaigns. There is also some debate over the relative merits of FRUIT OF THE LOOM and HARVEY WOODS as auto accessories, while there are unconfirmed rumours that at least one owner is reputed to prefer small silky panties in pale pastel shades.

Whatever your personal predilection, you will find that this system saves hours of cleaning those 48 spokes.

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