Don'ts for users of Wire Wheels

Octagon Newsletter September 1987

Mike (the Wizard) has provided the following item which was prepared many years ago by Bill Gawne's Highway Machine Shop.

DON'T try to tighten spokes if the nipples do not turn easily, they are probably rusted sold and will only break if this is done.

DON'T tighten spokes too tightly as even new ones will break if this is done.

DON'T run wheels with loose or broken spokes as this puts extra strain on the others and a bump or a fast turn may break several more at once.

DON'T run wheels without grease on the tapers and splines of the hubs.

DON'T hammer the knock-off s with the car in gear or the brake on or the wheel on the ground

DON'T expect the wheel to run as true as a flywheel. They are only pressed rims not machined and some tolerance is allowed. Balancing will take care of this.

Following these rules will keep your wheels in safer condition and save you money.

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