Dash Knobs

Cruising the Net

Eric Stephen (bk996@freenet.carleton.ca)

If the switches on the your vehicle have recessed areas that can be refilled with paint then you can have a set of switches that look great with just a couple of hours work.

Here is a simple and low cost method for restoring your dash knobs to 'as new' condition. The idea came from a description provided in A-Antics Tech Tips published by the Michigan Chapter of NAMGAR. The materials listed in the original article were not available locally. The materials listed below are all available at most hardware outlets.

Remove and clean knobs with a good detergent. Scrape the dirt deposits from the recessed letters with a pin or needle. Apply model enamel to the recessed letters and allow to dry completely. I used white (Testors #1145), for all the knobs except the dash light dimmer which required red (Testors # 1103). Sand off the excess paint flush to the surface of the knob using 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Polish the knob to a rich black luster using a Dremel polishing wheel (#429) attached to a mandrel (#402) and Dremel polishing compound (#421).  The end result is quite amazing. 

The knob set from Moss is $35.00 US and the shifter knob is $12.00 US. My materials came to approximately $15.00 Canadian and I have OE parts that look like they came right off the shelf!

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