Queensland MG Club Visit

Octagon Newsletter November 1987

By Edna and Philip Sumsion

One very useful feature, in one of the Brisbane daily newspapers, is a complete list of all clubs and societies in the area. Among the hundreds of entries, we discovered one for the Queensland MG Club, which it said met on Friday evenings at the clubroom at 18 Nash Street, Rosalie and to contact Joan Appleby for further information. This was duly done and Joan told us that the next meeting was to assemble their newsletter which is called The Octagon (sound familiar?).

On the said Friday, we set off in our rented Holden and located the clubroom without TOO much difficulty it was not too far from the XXXX Brewery!!! On arrival at the clubrooms, we found a hive of activity, with members sorting, collating .and sticking labels on the current issue of the Octagon ready for mailing. This was all being done under the supervision of Peter and Delia Rayment, who are the present editors of the newsletter.

The Club, which has a very large membership, usually leases club premises on a continuing basis. However, they had just had to move from their normal premises and were in temporary accommodation (one room and a kitchen/store room) and not really big enough for very large meetings. They are managing very well, but are looking forward to the day when they can move into permanent quarters.

Although the club activities include night runs (great fun) motorkhanas, rally sprints rallies, hill‑climbs, concours events and picnic runs, great emphasis is given to competitive events as the club does, in fact, own its own hill climb course.

Many club members were busy preparing their MGs for "The All Historic" meeting to be held at he Lakeside Raceway. This was to be held on October 10th and 11th the weekend we were leaving for home. We got our timing wrong again.

We were made very welcome by everyone at the club and exchanged newsletters and information on our respective clubs' activities. Peter and Delia presented us with some souvenirs to remind us of our visit, which we very much appreciated. (We will be able to use the 'dilly' bag to carry all our paraphernalia on our various outings with the MG club)

We had a most enjoyable evening and it was interesting to meet and talk with people, who, though many miles apart in distance, seem very close through a common fascination with that product of a small town in Berkshire, England. For any MG'ers planning a trip to Expo '88, be sure to visit the friendly people at the MG Club of Queensland, Australia we know a tremendous welcome awaits you.

Good on ya!!

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