Lost Owner Found

Octagon Newsletter … November 1998

By Alan Fraser

At the September "Affair In The Park" at Fort Rodd Hill, I was approached by a lady who said that in 1954 she had owned an MG sedan similar to the one we were displaying. When I suggested that she had purchased a Z-type Magnette she stated that it was a used car with right hand drive, separate headlights and looked just like my wife Sue’s Y-Type.

She then mentioned that her husband had worked at Royal Roads and the car had been their main transportation for many years. She was surprised when I addressed her by name and stated that she was indeed looking at her old car which she had affectionately called "Little Grundoon" after the Pogo cartoon character and which she had not seen in about 30 years.

The lady spent some time with her car and even called her husband to clarify some questions I had concerning previous ownership. Her adult son, who still remembered pretending to drive the car to California at the age of 4 with his 3 year old girlfriend beside him, also arrived to make sure everything was as he remembered it. The lady had her photo taken while sitting behind the wheel as memories flooded back.   

The former owner was delighted to see that her favourite car was still alive and well. She had sold it hoping it would be properly cared for and my lady had fallen under the same spell, immediately claiming ownership of the un-restored remains and demanding to know how soon we could have it on the road. There is something about the MG Y that causes fierce possessiveness and affection in lady owners who appreciate the "Family Car with a Sporting Heart"!

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