In Defence Of MG Policy Over The Years

Octagon Newsletter January/February 1988

By Henry Stone

Many of our critics were know to have said "MG's are not sports cars, they are not fast enough in comparison with other well known makes." But let us consider the fact that the marketing value of the MG was so great that doting parents, even grandparents gave their sons, daughters and grand-children a gift of a small car for some achievement or other. Or maybe because it was a pleasant little inexpensive fun car to start them off in.

For whatever reason, to my mind there are many parents and grandparents who still have progeny living today because MG Car Company stuck to their principles of building a "Safety Fast" motor car. The corollary is that MG built the finest little sports car in the world, a fact borne out by the many enthusiasts who restore, drive and enjoy them even today.

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