Confession of a Love Affair

Octagon Newsletter Ö November 1998

By Alan Fraser

In the 3rd week of September, 1948, the chassis of TC6604 was pushed by hand along the simple assembly line of the MG Car Company, Abingdon and shoved out into the world for export to Canada.

In the 3rd week of September, 1998, that same car, now showing the patina of 50 years of regular use, was taken out on a test run around the block after undergoing a well‑deserved rebuild of brakes, front suspension, engine and paint.

Since 1964 this TC has been used as a studentís only transportation, a wedding car, extra family car, show car, slalom racer, parade car and for just plain fun. The car has always performed dependably and willingly even as the running gear showed the fatigue of 35 years of my ownership. I do not coddle my cars and the TC has stood up to all my adventures while providing sporting and fairly comfortable transportation.

Some people say that the TC is a difficult vehicle to drive. Its handling is uncompromising and lacks modern ease of operation, but over the years I have found that it is more comfortable than a Mark I Spitfire on long voyages and the steering keeps me in constant touch with the road, as well as strengthening my shoulder muscles. Another advantage of a TC is that if I were to drive over a coin, I could tell immediately if it was "heads" or "tails"!

Now that the TC has gained its second wind, my wife Sue and I intend keeping it on the road as much as possible as we venture into the next century. We look forward to having all our MG friends drive along with us.

Happy Birthday TC 6604!!

1948 MG TC

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