Triumphantly - TS27663L (Primrose Yellow TR3A)

Octagon Newsletter September 2000

By Jim Mills

After my owner had spent lots of time and energy, cleaning me all over, tuning my mechanicals and stuffing me full of stuff, I set off with my pal (Magenta TR6) for an early morning trip to Port Angeles. We were travelling down to Portland for the Vintage Triumph Register National Convention and my expectations for this adventure were, to have a safe trip, do well in the Autocross and be successful in the Preservation Class in the judged Concours.

Well my hopes were dashed. A dog ran out in front of the car that was travelling ahead of me and forced the owner to take evasive action. This car was a lot newer than I and he had big tires and great brakes. My owner could not stop me in time and I slid into the back of this much larger car and it really hurt. Thank goodness I was strong enough to prevent any serious injuries to my owners and after some delays for medical attention, etc. they were able to carry on to Portland in a rental car. How sad!

For five days I sat in a locked compound in Port Townsend pondering my future. My nose and right side were crumpled and I looked a sorry mess. Will I ever get to look pretty again? Will I be able to participate in a slalom, or put the camping gear on my luggage rack and go for a long tour?

Well, as luck would have it, I was loaded on to a truck and hauled to Vancouver, where I was loaded on to a barge for the trip to Victoria.

Following an inspection at both the ICBC facility and Lima's body shop, I was finally able to go to my home in the care of my owners.

Yes I am going to be fixed to look and run as I did before. Patiently I sit in the shop all stripped down and waiting for the parts to arrive.

Hopefully I will be finished in 'The Spring' and I will once again enjoy the Motorsport activities that I love so much, with all of my Little British Car Friends.

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