Not That Left, Your Other Left! or How to Overhaul Your MGB Front End ... (NOT!)

Octagon Newsletter September 1994

By Dave (Spinner) Gatey

Some months ago, it was decided that with all the work done to our MGB, it just wouldn't be right not to overhaul the front end. After all, there was a bit of play in those kingpins. My friend had borrowed the necessary reamer to fit the new kingpins so all I had to do was to strip the front end and get the old parts ready to reassemble. This should be a piece of cake! After all, hadn't we learned to weld, body finish and overhaul engines? I would just paint them and fit them to the new kingpins. Out came the handy DIY restoration guide and the ever-popular Haynes manual. This was so simple even an idiot could do it! (WRONG!)

With my front end reassembled, I took the 'B' on the kite extravaganza out to Jordan River. It handled like it was on rails. With this new front end I was really looking forward to a memorable slalom at Camosun in May. Well, it was memorable all right!

After a very clunky first run, I determined to get it right. As I came around the last corner for the start, I was conscious of a bright shiny object parting company with the left front of my car. Having a British car, most drivers come to expect this, but I was somewhat alarmed and decided that it might be in my best interest to locate the former resting place of that bright shiny part before continuing my run. Upon careful application of the brakes, I extracted my middle-aged body from the cockpit and went in search of the UFO (Unidentified Foreign-car Object). To my horror, I discovered my RIGHT front spinner was in the ditch heading for warmer climes! Now you may ask yourself, 'Say, didn't he say something fell off the LEFT front of his car?'

Well needless to say if you need a hand reassembling your front end, I now know that the hub marked LEFT goes on the left and the hub marked RIGHT goes on the other left!!

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