Kamloops Run

Octagon Newsletter … October 1993

By Cheryl and Dave Mottishaw

We started off in good spirits for the July run to Kamloops in the '67 MGB. Everybody met and made the ferry on time, the car was running great (the en­gine had been installed only the night before). The trip to Whistler was without incident. Tried to stop for coffee - first mistake! We got caught in a parade line-up - forget the coffee, let's get out of here! Trying to keep up, we sped through the green light but did not notice the construction hole ahead. Bang!! We made the light but hit the hole, now we have steam and what smells like hot anti-freeze. Must be a heater hose, no problem. Wrong! The fan has imprinted it­self in the radiator. Told Lynette Patterson to tell Derrick Sparks we would be heading home somehow.

In true MG fashion, the Sparks were prepared to stay in Whistler until we were mobile again (the garage man three miles back said he could have the radiator re-cored on Monday). That's when we spotted it - an abandoned Honda Civic. It must have a radiator! But how will we mount it, Derrick? Bungy cords, of course! After sev­eral trips back and forth to the car, the right radiator hose combination was arrived at, the radiator laid in at a sporty angle after relocating the oil cooler and removing the MG fan. A hair dryer was sacrificed for the cord re­quired to run the electric fan (due to clearance problems) and we were on the road!!

Derrick had such faith in our conversion that he never looked back. And work it did, getting us not only to Kamloops and home but provided much en­tertainment and an interesting topic of conversation whenever the bonnet was opened. We would like to thank Derrick and Pat Sparks, without whose support and encouragement the enjoyable trip would have been a disaster.

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