What Your Car's Colour Reveals

Octagon Newsletter August 1992

Author Unknown

Race-Car-Red, Neon-Yellow, Wintery-White, Brentwood-Brown your choice of car colour

might be influenced by where you live, the work you do, the car you drive, and the 'real' you, psychologically speaking.

Red A fire colour, red is hard to ignore, People who drive red cars usually crave attention and are aggressive and impulsive.

White The frequent choice of the compulsively neat, critical, detail-minded motorist who's cautious and likes white's highly visible, therefore safer, factor.

Green Long favoured by sophisticated Europeans, green is enjoying a resurgence of popularity in North America. It's the color of the socially conscious, the highly intelligent and the ever hopeful romantic.

Neutrals Taupes, Beiges and grays are colours of non-commitment, for folks who dislike standing out or taking a stand.

Metallics Silver and the metal-flake colours transform cars into 4-wheeled jewellery, the choices of confident, understated extroverts.

Brown Often the choice of a cautious, conservative, analytical person who probably drives a good bargain when buying a car.

Blue The hue for those who yearn for consistency. The likely choice of an introvert, or maybe an extrovert who lies to be able to count on certain things.

Teal This high fashion hybrid of blue and green is one of the hottest shades on the market, appealing to the trend-setter.

Black The ultimate power colour, black is back for the self-confident sophisticates and those who wish to be taken seriously.

Yellow The color for the active, the artistic and those willing to try something new. Easily seen, yellow also is favoured by safety-conscious drivers.

Orange Along with all the wild new neon shades, orange is the color of fun, youth, and excitement.

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