Erick Vesterback

Octagon Newsletter Ö July 2001

By Wayne Watkins

Over the years we have seen many membersí MGs and other British cars. How long have they owned their car? Did they have another MG before this one? What got them interested in the first place? How many MGs have they owned?

This month we get to hear our Vice-Presidentís story about his MGs. Erick Vesterback was cycling home in North Bay, Ontario when he spotted an MG parked outside a flower shop. He talked to the owner who wanted quite a bit more than Erick thought it was worth. Erick thought an MG would be fun. He also thought it would be quite different than the Mustangs his friends were driving. He waited for a while and went back and made the owner a 'final offer'. The deal was made when Erick agreed to take the seller for a ride after Erick had tidied it up.

It was definitely a tired MG. Erick was not to be discouraged. He tried his hand at basic bodywork and enlisted the help of a mechanic friend who painted it. He got it running and licensed. Picture it - it was 1986 and Erick was tooling around North Bay in a 1972 MGB, British Racing Green and wire wheels. Prior to 'officially dating' Selena, Erick drove her home one day in his BRG MGB. Selena first asked why would anyone buy a car like this? It had a small trunk and only two doors. Erick, being the free spirit he was, was able to convince her that he really liked the MG because it was fun and it was different even if it didnít have overdrive. It was not like everyone elseís car. Selena gave it some thought and agreed that MGs are kind of fun. So much so that the MG was part of the scene for eleven years. It was driven for seven or eight years and then the dreaded rust started to show up. It was shipped out to Victoria by train after Erick left it at his parentsí place in North Bay until he had a place in Victoria to park it. He knows the car well and still sees it driving around Victoria.

Well, time to upgrade. After making a deal with Eric McKinstry in 1997 the wire wheels were switched to a much newer 1973 MGB that Eric had in his Shawnigan Lake motor-house. This is the white one we see at club meetings, ice cream runs and in slaloms at Western Speedway. Erick spent a whole winter cleaning it up under the hood. He wanted to be comfortable in opening the hood at the Fathers Day Picnic at Beacon Hill Park. Anti-sway bars have certainly helped in bringing those slalom times down. Oh yes, Selenaís attitude toward MGs? Just try and sell it Erick, just try it!

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