Kim and Doug Passmore

Octagon Newsletter … October

By Wayne Watkins

Victoria MG Club members' MGs and other British cars - they are the source of many stories and history. Some members have had literally dozens of British cars and some members stick with the same cars but keep them for a very long time. This month we look at the cars of Kim and Doug Passmore.

When Kim (nee Mills) was 15 years old she had picked up on the enthusiasm of Mom and Dad (Maureen and Jim) for British sports cars. She bought a 1966 Austin Healey Sprite for $200.00 which was in the back yard of a neighbour  in Port Alberni. It was certainly a project car needing a lot of work along with replacement parts and trim. Kim and Jim trailered it home and the work began. Jim did the body work and the mechanicals and then it was off to the paint shop. Kim completed the interior. She knows every square inch of carpeting, trim and upholstery in the Sprite. It was on the road when Kim was 16 as she tooled around Port Alberni, much to the envy of her friends.

In the early eighties, the family moved to Victoria and joined up with the Victoria MG Club. Kim recalls that she was most likely the youngest member of the club. Jim introduced her to another young member of the club by the name of Doug Passmore. Kim admits that she really doesn't remember that meeting because she had worked the night shift the previous evening and hadn't slept that day. As Kim tells the story, she and Doug started seeing each other at different events and began dating. Both of their significant others at the time probably didn't share Kim's and Doug's enthusiasm for British cars, so they lost. Both Kim and Doug have been active members of the Victoria MG Club since then, Kim having worked on the GOF hosted by our club in 1984. They went on the second week of their honeymoon in the Sprite.

More work was done on the Sprite with Doug, Kim and Jim pitching in. It was a daily driver and became a good concours example, which was confirmed in 1986 when Kim and Doug drove to the Portland All British Field Meet where Austin Healey was the featured marque. Kim was delighted to win first place in concours judging in her class.

Doug bought his 1973 Midget in 1984. It was a fair daily driver at the time and since then it has received transmission work as well as some rear end swaps and suspension improvements. Doug suggests that the old Midget looks like the worlds biggest jigsaw puzzle right now with different coloured hood, trunk and fender flares. The hood and trunk are lighter than original as they are made of fibreglass and carbon fibre material. The riveted fender flares all contribute to Doug's goal of duplicating the look of the MG Midget factory race cars of the seventies. The Midget has a lot of miles on it, but the engine is original except, for the modified cylinder head. Even with house, family, two active boys, work and soccer games, Doug is very patient. He is planning to have the Midget totally finished when Aaron is old enough to drive - and that will be in eight years time! In the meantime and, for many years to come, both the Midget and the Sprite share garage space in the Passmore motor-house.

Kim is hopeful that we will see her shiny blue Sprite on the upcoming New Years Day Burn - all tuned up and polished. We hope so too.

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