Tom Krieger

Octagon Newsletter Ö August 2001

By Wayne Watkins

Over the years we have seen many membersí MGs and other British cars. How long have they owned their car? Did they have another MG before this one? What got them interested in the first place? How many MGs have they owned? Is there a story here?

You bet and here it is for this issue Ö Tom Krieger and how he got hooked. Back in 1965 a slightly younger Tom spotted a 1957 Austin Healey 100-6. He made an offer to buy it but the woman who had it for sale said she would never sell it unless she could have a Jaguar to replace it. So Tom headed out and found a 1956 Jaguar that had come to Canada as an export car. He quickly bought the Jaguar and took it over to the Healey lady. With a little cash as well the deal was done. Many miles were put on the Healey and then it started. The Krieger motor-house saw a TR2, TR3s, MGAs, a 1961 Jaguar E-Type and (we suspect Tomís favourite most memorable car) a 1947, 2 door Morris 8. Oh yes, there was also the hot rod side of Tom. Remember the red 1961 Healey with a V8 rumbling around Victoria? That was Tomís! Everyone has his or her "best car" Ö Tomís was a 1965 Austin Healey MK III which he bought in 1971 with 24,000 original miles. He kept it for 10 years and then sold it. (Yes, we know Ö slap palm to forehead.)

Clair also had a favourite car Ö a 1971 MGB. While Tomís recollection of the exact colour was different than Clairís we tended to accept Clairís description Ö a royal blue with tan interior. On we go to a series of trucks, as they built a house. The current car, since 1995, is their 1971 MGB beautifully done with the collector plates that we see at MG Club events. Waiting in the wings is another Ď71 'B' to be restored. Tom is presently restoring a 1972 TR6 with overdrive.

When Tom met Clair he had his brotherís 1954 Pontiac Ö sort of a "greasy" car. Clair was not too impressed so Tom quickly mentioned he had a Jaguar. Ah, immediate acceptance! As Tom says, the way to a girlís heart is with a British sports car. While Tom loves his MGs and all the others (cars that is) he admits "the Healey was the best".

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