Neil Fawdry

Octagon Newsletter … August 2001

By Wayne Watkins

Over the years we have seen many members’ MGs and other British cars. How long have they owned it?  Did they have another MG before this one? What got them interested in the first place?

In 1986 Neil Fawdry encouraged his then 14 year old son to take a small engine mechanics course, the thought being the more he knew about how an engine worked the more he would appreciate a car in the future. Then one day Neil saw someone with a big grin on his face arranging pylons for a slalom on the Sears parkade. Strolling past the red 1949 MG TC parked in front, Neil spoke to him and found out what this group was up to.

It was longtime member Al Fraser who promptly got Neil hooked on MGs.  Soon after Neil asked Al to go with him to look at a 1973 MGB. He saw, he drove, he bought.  Neil and Lorraine drove the 'B' for a few months and then decided it needed a tune-up.  Neil got carried away between Christmas and New Years in 1986 and ended up pulling the engine out and the rebuild started. With some of the heavy duty work done by JB Precision the fresh engine went back in the 'B' and is happily humming along to this day.

Neil and Lorraine have put many happy miles on the 'B' in Oak Bay Tea Party parades, club tours to the Okanagan and California and local club events. Need a sun visor or a right angle speedo drive or other bits or even a refreshment at the meeting?  See Neil - just look for the MG club jacket and the big grin.

1973 MGB

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