Old Number One

Octagon Newsletter July 1995

By Alan Fraser

In 1924, Cecil Kimber built a special roadster, based on the Morris Cowley chassis, to run in the Lands End Trials where he won a gold medal.

Soon after his success at the Lands End Trial, Cecil Kimber sold the car at a slight profit. The car passed through a couple of owners and was offered back to Kimber in 1930, according to McComb. When the offer was refused, the car was auctioned in 1931 or 1932 for a measly eleven guineas and quickly found her way into a Manchester scrap yard from where she was rescued by an MG employee. The car was returned to Abingdon and was involved in some publicity activities.

During W.W. II, the car was stored in Cowley, apparently being narrowly missed by bombs. In 1947, she was back at Abingdon and on display at the unveiling of the new Y Series saloon. After a number of rebuilds, and one accident, she was now restored to something like her original condition.

In March, 1950, the 25 year old car was brought back into running order and was then road‑registered under the Berkshire mark of FMO 842. Probably also at this time, she was given the chassis number of EX 176. This was taken out of MG's series of experimental numbers, as presumably the original chassis number had been lost and no number was originally stamped on the frame.

In 1959, through the intervention of Wilson McComb, "Old number One" was re-registered under the original mark of FC 7900.


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