L.A.N.D. Tour April 8th, 2001

Octagon Newsletter May 2001

Loraine Fawdry (L), Armande Morton (A), Neil Fawdry (N) and Dave Morton (D)

The tour was attended by an enthusiastic group, consisting of 16 cars, on a bright early spring day. After a leisurely drive, the group arrived at the heritage home of Les and Sadie Barry which has been expertly restored by their son Ken. The restoration project included a large addition to the original structure, which preserves the character of the ancestral home of the Barry family and effectively doubled the size of the home (as per the cover picture).

In addition to a tour of the structural restoration, the visit included a 'prolonged' inspection of the wine cellar where a special treat awaited in the form of a dispenser of home brew (wine), which became very popular with the group.

After the tour, the group proceeded to Rio's Place (west side of Shawnigan Lake), for a late afternoon pizza snack. Although the restaurant was somewhat crowded, the delicious pizzas more than made up for the limited space.

It was a great day, with one exception Gary and Cary Saville had a fuel pump problem on their way through Goldstream Park and had to arrange for a tow home. Thanks to all who joined us on the fifth annual L.A.N.D. tour.

Heritage Home

Wine Cellar

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