Dinner Run … Saturday, August 25th, 2001

Octagon Newsletter … September 2001

By Wayne and Lou Watkins

The sun shone on the fifteen cars that showed up at Tim Horton’s at 2:00 o’clock. The August Dinner Run was off at 2:30 p.m. for a scenic one hour ride through Esquimalt Lagoon and over the Malahat to Catrina’s Grill in Mill Bay. Actually our members 'from the north', that is to say Mill Bay and Cobble Hill, made the most serious trek to Mill Bay Road to join the tour for the final lap along the waterfront. We were then joined by Scott, Julie and Erica, Monica and Jayden (the bulldozer) who toured up in the 'MG' Odyssey. We all sat on the outside patio for good eats and refreshments and the usual shenanigans.

The next stage of the run, to John and Mary Braybrooks for ice cream, was interrupted after a couple of hundred metres with Malcolm Ives and Sheila Perkins’ wounded E-Type. However, they were soon on their way with the able assistance of a fellow club member with a spare fuel pump. Neil and Lorraine Fawdry won the quiz with the most correct answers to a variety of unique MG and other British car questions. The day was capped off with great desserts and ice cream at John and Mary Braybrooks. There was also the usual impromptu car show on the Braybrooks grounds and a tour of John’s motor-house. On for next year?  You bet!

Fuel Failure

British Beauties

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